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Re: Kadyrov denies Israel claim about terrorists in Chechnya

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Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, Tuesday criticised Israeli authorities for adding Chechnya to the list of areas that Israelis should avoid due to terrorist threats.

On Telegram, Kadyrov wrote: “I have the impression that this list has not been renewed over the past two decades.”

He added: “Indeed, I think that it was prepared by dictation from a certain party. I thought that Israel is not one of the countries that allows anyone to dictate conditions to it. So it is strange for me that a sovereign state allows itself to be dictated to by certain parties and completely ignores reality.”

Addressing members of the Israeli National Security Council, Kadyrov said: “For your personal knowledge, the fighting in the Chechen Republic ended a long time ago and no terrorists have remained in our country.”

Kadyrov invited Israeli officials to visit Chechnya in order to see that it is peaceful and not hostile to Israelis.

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“I am very pleased that Israeli citizens know the truth, as they visit our republic, where they do business, rest and travel,” he added.

Concluded his statement, he said: “I would like to advise the Israeli Security Council not to intimidate its citizens with non-existent Chechen terrorists, as these terms, like the terrorist threat itself, have ceased to exist in the Chechen Republic for a long time… You are late!”

Earlier this week, Israel’s National Security Council warned its citizens that Iran may target them overseas and urged them to be more vigilant in a number of countries including Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan.

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