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M-Learning in Yemen: Mobile Phones Could Help Expand Online Education

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It is also possible for educators in Yemen to play an active role in motivating students to migrate to online learning as a potentially new approach, especially in these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the main roles of any learned educator is not only to inform, but also to inspire others, such as the students in their given learning communities, to pursue both new vistas of knowledge and new avenues by which to travel to them.

As with any educational endeavor, a great deal of patience and tenacity must be employed by all instructors or educators, as well as the ability to guide students to the point where it is possible for them to navigate, on their own, all of new channels of information and information exchange that online learning platforms can provide in a multimodal environment.

In closing, it should be understood that I am merely suggesting, in this brief article, that  all involved educators as well as educational institutions should understand, to the greatest degree possible, what information they wish to promote and what other information they wish to de-emphasize or condemn within the Yemeni university community. As with any potential educational tool or method, m-learning should be subject to general research procedures to adopt or adapt. These procedures include, but may not be limited to, pre-testing, monitoring, validation, post-testing, learners’ attitudes and motivation, and practicality.

Once any m-learning initiative has run the gantlet of these rigorous validation measures, then and only then, can they be judged to be suitable for incorporating into the learning curriculum. The main purpose of this article is to raise the awareness of importance of adopting online learning, whether it be m-learning, or any other kind of learning that may be done on online platforms, as continued real-time classes may no longer be viable due to the continuation of serious consequences caused by the worsening health hazards.

Rais Attamimi is a researcher from Yemen who currently teaches at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Salalah, Oman. His research focuses primarily on issues of second-language acquisition, motivation, and the nexus between learning, society and technology.

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