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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Latest Libel: Israel Murdered Palestinian Teen Trying To Enter Al Aqsa Mosque To Pray

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Yesterday, Israel-haters accused IDF soldiers of shooting a palestinian kid, making it sound like he was murdered in cold blood while just trying to enter the Al Aqsa mosque.

They also posted photos of him and his mourning family to emphasize that this was a cruel murder of an innocent boy

Except it wasn’t and he wasn’t.

A Palestinian teenager opened fire at police officers stationed near an entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday evening, police said.

None of the officers were hit, and the cops returned fire, striking and killing the shooter after a brief chase, according to police.

The shooting in the Old City occurred at roughly 7 p.m. at a police guard post near the Temple Mount’s Huta Gate, according to police.

The suspect approached the group of officers at their guard post, took out a makeshift Carlo-style submachine gun and opened fire at them, before fleeing through the Old City, police said.

“The officers, along with border guards operating in the Old City, conducted an on-foot chase after the assailant, who fired at them and was neutralized by the Border Police officers,” police said.

And although Al Jizz reports this as being an Israeli accusation only, there are receipts in the form of security camera footage showing the terrorist firing wildly with the submachine gun

and Hamas admitting it was a terror attack

The Hamas Movement has applauded Monday’s shooting operation in the Old City of Jerusalem, paying tribute to the people of Qabatiya in particular and the West Bank in general for their sacrifices for the Aqsa Mosque and the holy city.

“The Bab Huta operation is a message to everyone who has chosen normalization, overlooking the right of our people and nation to the Aqsa Mosque,” Hamas said in a statement yesterday.

“Come to your senses. The Aqsa Mosque is awaiting your support and help and not normalization with a murderous criminal enemy,” it added, addressing the Arab countries that signed normalization deals with Israel recently.

It takes really brazen liars to claim something contradicting security camera footage AND their own terrorists’ admission.

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