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Monday, March 8, 2021
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California Lawyer Farhad Khorasani Calls for Genocide of Jews

Farhad Khorasani is an Iranian-American international lawyer who has his own...

Re: World’s first hijabi skater: ‘I want to show the world that our women are powerful’ – Middle East Monitor

Over the past few years, the number of women from the Middle East participating in international sporting events has risen steadily. The glass...

Copts Face Continuing Discrimination in Egyptian Football

Copts Face Continuing Discrimination in Egyptian Football Source: Je Suis Club social media page“You should change your name” or “will call you back” have...

Drop Kick the ANC’s Muhammad Khalid Sayed

One of the many attributes of sport is that it’s great...

Amnesty warns F1 of Saudi Arabia 'sportswashing' human rights abuses

Amnesty International has raised concerns that next year's Formula One (F1) race planned to be held in Jeddah was being used to "sportswash" the kingdom's human...

Algeria: Minister tells people to leave if they disagree with constitutional amendments

The Algerian minister of youth and sport has come under fire for making "unacceptable" remarks during the final week of campaigning ahead of...

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