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Sunday, June 13, 2021

California Lawyer Farhad Khorasani Calls for Genocide of Jews

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Farhad Khorasani is an Iranian-American international lawyer who has his own law firm Khorasani Law.

He is also is the founder and chair of the Iranian American Sport Association (IASA),  a Los-Angeles based 501c3 nonprofit organization, “to help save his family sport, Olympic wrestling, and to bridge the sports gap between the two nations and support USA-Iran Sports Diplomacy.” As such, he appears on Persian TV to comment on Iran-US sports relations.

He’s also acted.

Sounds like quite the guy.

Farhad Khorasani post

Except he’s not. He is a vile Jew hater.

Farhad Khorasani postFarhad Khorasani post

After these posts were exposed – including by a former classmate of his who had no idea he was like this – the California bar investigated him and unbelievably found no actionable conduct.

Post about Farhad KhorasaniPost about Farhad Khorasani

The above antisemitic posts have been removed (it is unclear by whom), but even after this investigation, you might think he would lay low.

Think again.

Perhaps because he retweeted things in Parsi, thinking no-one would notice.

Perhaps because it is seems the investigation into his antisemitic conduct is not reflected on his Star Bar of California profile.

Or perhaps he is just an arrogant guy who thinks he can do as he please. He certainly seems to have a huge ego, as suggested by his constant photos with “celebrities.”

But whatever the reason, I won’t allow the determination of the California bar to deter me from publicizing what he is about.

Share this post far and wide. Perhaps at least, he can prosecuted for hate crimes, decent people who are currently unaware of his Jew hatred will treat him like poison, and potential clients will think twice about hiring his services.

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