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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Antisemite Amer Zahr Recognizes Israel After All

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Remember Amer Zahr, the Jew-hating surrogate for Bernie Sanders who was behind wiping Israel off the map in Rashida Tlaib’s congressional office?

Clearly, he does not recognize Israel. Yet the hypocrite benefits from the fact that his parents are Israeli citizens.

That’s right. He is currently in Israel, even though Israel is closed to tourists due to the delta variant of Covid, because there is an exception if you are coming to visit a first degree relative. And judging from his Instagram posts, his parents live in Israel (Nazareth)

And although he is using the opportunity to spread anti-Israel propaganda, he is helping the Israeli economy while he is here.

He also he got sloppy and referred to “Israelis” instead of his usual “Zionists”

amer zahr post

which means he does recognize Israel after all.

Thanks Q-ball!

Update: It turns out Zahr is an Israeli citizen himself (hat tip: kweansmom)

Amer Zahr post

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