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4 Ambient Outdoor Breakfast Venues in Cairo Perfect for Fall Weather

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4 Ambient Outdoor Breakfast Venues in Cairo Perfect for Fall Weather

Osana Wellness Centre outdoor garden area. Image source unknown.

A cool soft breeze, the quiet morning murmur, delectable odors making their way through the air; sometimes, nothing beats an early morning outdoor breakfast. 

As Cairo’s fall weather makes basking in the sun slightly more tolerable, now is the perfect time to fully enjoy outdoor activities. Sometimes getting an early start to the morning can be the perfect way to energize oneself for the day ahead, and as is commonly said “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

While there are a multitude of breakfast venues scattered across Cairo, not all offer an ambient outdoor venue option. The following venues offer both a delicious menu, as well as an ambient atmosphere in which one can enjoy Cairo’s early morning calm and fall weather. 

Osana Family Wellness in Maadi

Nestled in a tree-lined Maadi suburb lies this gem of a venue. Osana Family Wellness is an old Maadi villa that has been re-furbished and turned into a wellness centre. In addition to offering yoga and pilates classes, as well as pre & post natal support, flea markets and so much more, Osana hosts a small cafe within the villa. 

The cafe offers the option of enjoying breakfast, brunch or lunch indoors or outdoors. The outdoor garden area is a calm green surrounding, perfect for a serene early morning breakfast. Their breakfast menu ranges from simple toasts and sandwiches to pancakes and smoothie bowls – including of course, the option of coffees, juices, smoothies and teas. 

One can choose between their fulfilling breakfast burrito (EGP 90) with the option of having it vegan, their avocado toast with feta and harissa (EGP 80) or their freshly made apple pancakes (EGP 25-45), or check out their full menu here.

Crimson in Zamalek

This slightly more pricey venue is the perfect location to enjoy breakfast by the Nile. Taking over a Zamalek rooftop, Crimson is a sleek and sophisticated venue that boasts a refreshingly ambient atmosphere as one can enjoy the Nile breeze against the backdrop of a Cairo skyline. 

In addition to offering usual breakfast options (including all sorts of egg options), Crimson also offers the option of a more traditional Egyptian breakfast experience. Their Egyptian Breakfast consists of foul (beans), falafel, cheese with tomato and eggs (EGP 80), while they also offer Feteer Meshaltet (traditional Egyptian pie) with a selection of dips such as molasses, honey, cream or cheese (EGP 70).  

Ovio in Maadi

Another Maadi gem, Ovio may offer a slightly more of a typical cafe-like atmosphere, however its location deep within a quiet Maadi residential neighborhood makes it worth visiting in the lesser crowded early morning hours. 

Ovio’s Maadi branch has a wonderful outdoor area that is usually quite calm and serene during less popular hours of the day, as it seems to be tucked away from Cairo’s hustle and bustle. 

In addition to the venue, Ovio also offers a wonderfully delicious menu and they are also famous for their pancakes. For breakfast one can enjoy a selection from their wide range of sandwiches, such as Ovio’s Club (EGP 139) or opt for their specialty – fluffy, juicy pancakes (ask for their pancake menu once there). 

30 North in Zamalek

This wonderful little cafe is known for their impressive selection of coffee, and is therefore perfect for coffee aficionados. Found hidden in the heart of The American University in Cairo’s (AUC) old Zamalek dorms – now a commercial and residential building by the name of Iconia – 30 North has the perfect balance of being at a perfect Zamalek location, yet enclosed away from the noise of its busy streets.

While the view is that of the building’s window-filled four surrounding walls, the atmosphere still manages to be charmingly ambient as one can enjoy the sun’s reflection bouncing off the building’s windows and the bright blue sky overhead. 

They also offer a great selection of food items from sandwiches and toasts to wraps and pancakes. 

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